Enchanted Fall Indeed!


smore pumpkin

Before Christmas 2015 begins in earnest, I wanted to remember Fall 2015 as it was an enchanting one. I am very fond of that word—ENCHANTED. It’s the perfect word for fall. Christmas is about MAGIC…but fall is enchantment.

(Disneyland in October is on my bucket list.)




swing pumpkin

I kicked off the season talking with Donna Schmid on the Wise Woman Radio. We delved into the magic of the Autumn Equinox and how to symbolically celebrate it. You can listen to the recording here. It was a fun discussion—symbolism, magic—what’s not to love?






In preparation for our talk, I discovered that pumpkins represent abundance—big, round, and filled with food and seeds. Seeds represent dreams—and pumpkins have plenty of those!
In Chinese culture, pumpkins represent prosperity, abundance, and enchantment.
There’s that word again.

Even the color orange blends the physical reaction of red with the mental reaction of yellow to yield a SOULFUL reaction to orange. Orange also stimulates the appetite and social communication making it the perfect accent for your Thanksgiving table.


Pumpkins were very symbolic in our home and fall this year. I took these photos in the nearby Town of Carefree’s Enchanted Pumpkin Garden (Arizona). The very talented Ray Villafane created these dreamy displays and other fantastic carved pumpkins. They were whimsical and inspiring. Mr. Villafane made it look so easy that my four-year-old naturally assumed I could simply carve a unicorn in our pumpkin.






I gave it my best shot.


I’m excited for Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. But before it begins…thank you Fall 2015 for the memories. You were truly enchanting…