When is number two due?

I’ve been hearing this question for the last few years. And I haven’t known whether the inquirer was referring to baby number two or book
number two. It seems that when I thought they were referring to a baby, they were referring to a book, and vice versa.
Well, I can finally clear up part of the question a bit. Baby Two is here and Book Two is soon to follow!
My first daughter was born just months before Summer of Firefly Memories, the first novel in the Hunter Lodge series, was published.
Now, she’s newly 3-years old. My second daughter is 6-months old. (I know – they have big feet for their ages! I love those feet!)

You mothers with young ones know how life is reduced to three-hour increments and how challenging it can be some days to write a grocery list let alone a novel! But somehow I’m doing it. I’ll keep you posted.