Happy Calendar Phenomenon!

I’m so excited for all the baby Scorpios born today. What a wonderful day to be born! Can you imagine a lifetime of being asked, “Date of birth?” Only to respond with a smile and “Eleven eleven eleven.” You know these babes will get an actual human response to that answer.

I know nothing about numerology – but my gut tells me today is something special. I do believe in the astrological link between birth dates and times to our personalities. Scientifically and spiritually it makes sense to me (topic for another day). I was actually very concerned last May when my doctor induced the birth of my daughter a few days before her due date. I was worried that I was astrologically “messing her up.” But as it turned out, I think she had her own plan – or her destiny – call it what you will. It was the morning after bin Laden’s capture. Her time of birth was 9:11 a.m.

Happy birthday to you lucky babes today!