Peeking in the Window – A Character’s Point of View

In Chapter 6 of Summer of Firefly Memories, (SPOILER ALERT) we get a really fun insight into Jake’s point of view (POV). We also get a small glimpse into Dana and George’s life as a couple. Some readers don’t appreciate this shift in POV. “It’s not typical.” “It’s distracting.” “If Sammy doesn’t know it, neither Read More

The Loon Lake Series – A Series is Born…

Summer of Firefly Memories was never written as the start of a series. It was a stand-alone story about four sisters reuniting after years of confusion and hurt feelings—something many relationships experience. Yes, the ending wasn’t the typical happily-ever-after. It was realistic for a story that took place over a few short months. There was Read More

What’s new?

Last week, MY CHRISTMAS CURSE was free in Amazon’s Kindle store, and oodles of copies were snatched up. I love that readers connect with Meg, her memories, and her fun story. Looking for a special gift this Christmas? Complimentary “Christmas Deer” bookplates with your special message and signed by me are available. Just order the Read More

Digging the night sky tonight!

I’m loving how the full moon and Mars are hanging out together tonight! See that blur in the top right corner? That’s Mars. I took this with my generic little camera, nothing fancy-shmancy needed. Love it. I’ve always been drawn to astrology and fascinated by astronomy. Can you imagine what it must have been like Read More

Clear out the Cobwebs

Or questions that is… “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” Zora Neale Hurston Can you relate to that? For me lately, it’s been months that ask questions and months that answer. And these past few months have been asking questions.   Most have been parenting and health-related questions. Others have been some Read More