You can’t measure a fish by the internet…

“My Target” was recently remodeled. Pretty big deal in my life considering how often I have to shop for infant formula and diapers (what goes in must come out, huh?). Anyway, what struck me about the newly remodeled store was how the book section has become so much smaller.

I hope this is just a local phenomenon and only happened at “my store” to make room for the new grocery section. Or maybe this is happening all over?

I know a few independent bookstores that have closed their doors. We’ve all heard of the Biggie Bookstore that closed. Are bookstores going the way of the record store?
I sure hope not!

What about newspapers? If newspapers are replaced by the internet, what will we measure our fish by? Or carve our pumpkins on? Just wondering.

These photos are from 1981. It didn’t seem like that long ago until I did the math – 30 years ago, wow. I love the shoes in this pic and the funky linoleum flooring,
pretty cool huh?