What happened to May?

Soon enough, I’ll be asking, “What happened to June?”! How is it almost July?
My May began with Baby #2 turning 1-year old, Little Miss One-derful. Wow, what a year! Then from Mother’s Day to Race Day (being from Indianapolis, “Race Day” remains a holiday), the month flew by. Mama Owl had her babies and was the perfect example of being a good mother. She sat in that prickly cactus every day, under the hot, scorching sun, until there was no room in the nest for her. She watched over those fluff balls all day long until they flew on their own.

Can you see them in that nest? Here’s a bit of a close up:

And, now it’s June. Swim lessons, permanent triple digits on the thermometer, cooling off with a good book, Father’s Day, BBQs, dreaming of cooler weather. Hope you’re all enjoying your summer and keeping cool.