Summer of 2013 – Thank You California

dreaminAs the summer of 2013 comes to an end, I look back and have to thank California for giving us some relief from the heat. “They” say it was the hottest summer in central Arizona on record. We had the pleasure of driving through the worst of it on our way to the coast – it was fun to watch the dashboard tell us it was 124 degrees outside!

As we say goodbye to summer, I also want to say:

Thank you California…

– for your crazy road-side attractions from the 1970s. We got in touch with our inner Brandy Bunch.


– for underwater adventures.


– for precious moments with rescued marine life. otter

– for your leggy and beaky residents.


 – for your pink days.


– for your sparkly nights.


– for the little moments.


– and for the BIG moments.


Thank you, California! See you again next summer!