Digging the night sky tonight!

moon_n_mars2I’m loving how the full moon and Mars are hanging out together tonight! See that blur in the top right corner? That’s Mars. I took this with my generic little camera, nothing fancy-shmancy needed. Love it.

I’ve always been drawn to astrology and fascinated by astronomy. Can you imagine what it must have been like in the years before electricity? Stargazing and watching the night sky would have been one of the top few things to do at night. Heck, even in my days of youth, the night skies were darker, the stars were brighter, and there certainly were fewer distractions—we could play outside all night long and star gaze on a regular basis.

Seems like these days, we have to “make” ourselves unplug and look to the skies at night. That’s one of the many things I love about the Loon Lake Series—Sammy and the gang often find themselves gazing at the night sky. And how could they not? That’s the thing to do when you’re on vacation, right? They not only gaze at the stars—but they actually talk to each other about it too!

Facebook is pretty cool like that, you can “chat” with your friends and “talk” about the full moon, eclipses, planets, and stars…But there is something special about setting your alarm to wake you in the middle of the night—or staying up late—to watch a full lunar eclipse.

Experiencing a full lunar eclipse has a way of connecting us through the ages—sharing an ancient secret. I can’t help but feel so small, yet feel like a part of something bigger—larger than life. It’s truly an act of God—He is the ultimate scientist. It’s a gift from Mother Nature. I’m excited to watch it tonight. I hope I can stay awake…