Clear out the Cobwebs

Or questions that is…


“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” Zora Neale Hurston

Can you relate to that? For me lately, it’s been months that ask questions and months that answer. And these past few months have been asking questions.


Most have been parenting and health-related questions. Others have been some doozies—am I going where God and the universe wants me to go? Am I valuing the right things? How do you move forward with change when the comfortable past keeps tugging at you?

I guess it keeps coming back to, “If you never go for what you want, you’ll only have what you’ve got” (…or something like that.)

So what better way to clear out the questions, than to head to the mountains?
Northern Arizona has amazing spots to take in the view and
—more importantly—breathe in the fresh air!

And the trees? Where do I start? The layers of shade and hints of new growth…
























Creeks to stomp in…








And fish to feed…










The questions still linger. But the answers are closing in.

Hope you are all clearing out the cobwebs (and questions). April is the perfect time to do it!