What’s new?

MCC_deer_plateLast week, MY CHRISTMAS CURSE was free in Amazon’s Kindle store, and oodles of copies were snatched up. I love that readers connect with Meg, her memories, and her fun story.

Looking for a special gift this Christmas? Complimentary “Christmas Deer” bookplates with your special message and signed by me are available. Just order the paperback on Amazon and e-mail me (joan@joangable.com) your request.


“Loon Lake” bookplates are also available for SUMMER OF FIREFLY MEMORIES or SUMMER OF DRAGONFLY CHANGES. Please e-mail me if you are interested.




Also, I just started a new page on my website, Lost Chapters. Lots of fun happens between novels (and summers) and this page will be the place where I can share the adventures with you. The first lost chapter has been posted. I know you’ve been wondering what happens during the October weekend in Malibu. Now you can find out! Enjoy!