The Business Soul Sessions

I love this tagline. More importantly, I love that Soul comes before Business here.
I think we all need more soul in our lives and since we spend most of our adult lives “working” – we certainly need more Soul in our Businesses!

“Life” is meant to be a dynamic (of or relating to energy or objects in motion) process¬† – always changing, growing, evolving. It’s certainly not meant to be static (showing little or no change). And yet most of us at some point or another are guilty of slowing down, getting comfortable, and changing very little. Comfort is good. It’s often needed to recharge our batteries, recharge our soul. But it’s when we slow down so much, we find ourselves stuck, unable to change. This is when we all need a little inspiration. Even the smallest spark can start an amazing fire.

I love evolving, changing, growing, learning…I love inspiration, hope, dreams…

I’m so looking¬†forward to taking The Business Soul Sessions with Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls. It starts this Monday, January 16, 2012. “I’m in. Are you?”