Peeking in the Window – A Character’s Point of View

In Chapter 6 of Summer of Firefly Memories, (SPOILER ALERT) we get a really fun insight into Jake’s point of view (POV). We also get a small glimpse into Dana and George’s life as a couple.

Some readers don’t appreciate this shift in POV. “It’s not typical.” “It’s distracting.” “If Sammy doesn’t know it, neither should the reader.” I understand and respect each opinion. Those are all completely valid arguments.

But I loved the chance to spy on Jake. I wanted to know what the heck he and Heather were doing in his cabin! It’s not the only time we get his POV. We get small glimpses of his feelings toward Sammy throughout the story. For me, I loved it! I enjoy reading his thoughts. I also think the reader gains a nice perspective into Jake’s personality with Heather.

We get a deeper sense of who he was in Chicago and the life he left behind. He handles Heather with care—showing kindness when she acts cruel and lashes out. We get a true sense of growth in him that I enjoyed reading.

Is it fair that we know something Sammy doesn’t? Why not? She has her secrets. Why can’t we have ours? I know it isn’t typical in literature. But I just really liked it. So I chose to include this interaction between Jake and Heather.

Heather’s role is important in Sammy’s story. Sammy needed something to steer her away from her romantic feelings toward Jake, so she was free to focus on her sisters. Sammy and Jake’s underlying chemistry remained unscathed. But Sammy’s misinterpretation allowed their relationship to develop without sex.

I enjoyed peeking in Jake’s window that evening and hope you did too. And if you didn’t…I do understand.

The photograph is from the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN.