I love these aligned planets!

I do! Every evening at dusk when these planets show up, they fill me with awe and delight! I hope you can feel it. I didn’t really feel any different the first several days of March except for more tired than usual. Maybe that was the effect these planets had then. BUT NOW – I feel something a Read More

Why do I write?

I love to make people laugh. I previously wrote about the joy I received from making a lecture hall erupt with laughter (intentionally). It was the same joy I felt when I, as a teen, made my mom laugh herself to tears by a silly skit/dance number I did for her with panty hose around Read More

Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012!

2012! Ah, a new year. New possibilities, new potential, new calendars, new datebooks… I love the ‘new year’ feeling. Funny how everything is really the same, just a new year. But, it feels different somehow. In my days of youth, I used to LOVE reading my annual horoscope in the January magazine issues. Now, with the internet Read More

What is 20?

If 60 is the new 40, and 40 is the new 20, what is 20? I’ve been thinking a lot about numbers lately, especially the number 3. My first-born just turned three last week. I had been in a constant kind of Sesame Street trance, “The number of the day is 3!” If someone ever told Read More