Clear out the Cobwebs

Or questions that is… “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” Zora Neale Hurston Can you relate to that? For me lately, it’s been months that ask questions and months that answer. And these past few months have been asking questions.   Most have been parenting and health-related questions. Others have been some Read More

Party Time…

  I’m excited to be a part of Kelly Rae Robert’s giveaway today – Dec. 10th. My discovery of Kelly Rae and her work was very serendipitous. It was about 4 years ago…I had published my first novel just months after my first daughter was born, and WOW, was I in over my head. First Read More

The Summer of Discontent…

Last Friday, the headlines read that the summer of discontent began in Istanbul, Turkey. Those headlines spoke to me on a few levels. Obviously I have a “Summer of” theme going with my novels, so that phrase right there struck me. But it mostly caused me to reflect on a trip I took to Greece Read More

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung – so summer should be here next week in Arizona. Mama Owl’s been faithfully hanging out in her nest since St. Valentine’s Day. Those babies are getting big and someday soon her nest will be empty, until next year. She’s become some sort of symbol for me – an annual reminder of life, motherhood, Read More

What happened to May?

Soon enough, I’ll be asking, “What happened to June?”! How is it almost July? My May began with Baby #2 turning 1-year old, Little Miss One-derful. Wow, what a year! Then from Mother’s Day to Race Day (being from Indianapolis, “Race Day” remains a holiday), the month flew by. Mama Owl had her babies and was the perfect example of Read More